Revelation Online: my experiences in CBT 1

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Revelation Online: my experiences in CBT 1

Post by Admin on Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:04 pm

Revelations community is throwing me for a spin. (And i'm having trouble fully identifying why) To figure out why I started looking at the reasons people were looking forward to this game, and who its attracting.

1. The Combat - Revelations has a nice take on its combat. Being able to switch between 3 different types means it appeals to more people. Although combat is important to (I assume) everyone, its always the biggest factor for our first type of players - The PvP'ers.

2. Dungeons and PvE - Lets take a moment to talk about the Dungeons. For one, they are really INTERACTIVE. You may be trying to run through your daily's, but its not mind boggingly boring. Doubled with the facts the daily limit keeps you from burning out and the harder versions keep the challenge up, it makes for good content. This not only draw's in the casuals, but the - Hardcore PvE'ers

3. Intractability - Now this is a bit more unique to Revelations from what Ive seen. (Let me know if im wrong. I don't know a whole lot on the subject) But there seems to be a lot more reasons to interact with other players than other recent MMO's. I mean they even have hot-springs to chill and get xp with your friends, not to mention you can just princess carry other players. (Because why not)? Point being, this draws people who want to interact with other players. The Social/RP players.

Now that we've laid that out, you might be like "Kalidan, stop being stupid. All MMO's have these players" And for the most part, yeah they do. The difference here though is the types of players are BALANCED, and on top of that mingling rather than cliche'ing off into there own little corners of the game. That to me is pretty weird. Im also not sure if its a good or bad thing. I suppose interesting will suit it for now. This whole thing also might just be me slowly descending into insanity while waiting for CBT3, who knows.

Anyway, I would like to hear what you guys currently think of the community. Also what type of player are you?

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