Do not buy the Albion Online game

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Do not buy the Albion Online game

Post by Rcoledale on Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:20 pm

I read the Pay 2 Win discussion and I get that this isn't the worst model I've ever seen... however

Any time you can take real world currency to directly influence in-game currency, especially in a player-driven economy the game will turn sour.

Now I know everyone is just going to tell me to move on find another game and all that and that's fine, I will... but before I do let me explain why this is a problem from my own experiences.

This is my current situation:

Been a gamer a long time and I enjoy the grind of an MMO, especially player driven economy MMOs. I recently came into a sizable inheritance, it would mean nothing to me to buy gold endlessly for months on end and not even notice the cost.

21,000 Gold
I'll buy $10,000 day one and spend it all buying every little resource that a player has to sell me...
If I run out, I'll buy $10,000 more... The only person who's gonna benefit from this is the company, most defiantly not the players.

That means that an income that I can trade to others for goods and services would be free for me.

If I can next take that gold and use it in trade to buy every resource and silver that comes into the towns, I would be able to fund my guild effortlessly with every resource they could want. I could buy up shops all day every day. My blacksmiths and carpenters would never need to stop leveling up, would never need to wait for resources to come in. My guild would quickly become top tier. This would create a huge advantage for us right off the start. POWERLEVELING IS A FORM OF P2W.

Sure I didn't buy myself the glowing sword of win the game, but a top tier equipped guild is going to ravage the server when they are that far ahead, especially right at release.

Yes, the people who sold me the silver and the resources would benefit but nowhere near as quickly as I or my guild would.

Call the model whatever you like, but simply put if you allow me to use my bank account to fund a guilds progression the game economy is going to suffer greatly.

As I said this isn't the worst model for exploiting, I've seen and abused worse and watched whole servers fall apart over real world currency breaking in-game economies, but it is still enough for me to not buy your product knowing that this will eventually happen.

Just some food for thought.

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