Six Tips to Farm More Imperial Coins in Revelation Online

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Six Tips to Farm More Imperial Coins in Revelation Online

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:47 pm

First before you can start farming you have to make your character hit Level 40 first, and if you don’t know how to get Level 40 quickly, you can read the guide at here : Revelation Online: Ways To Level Up And Have Fun, For Those Short On Time!

Revelation Online Farming Guide :

1. Press ‘L’ go to available quest and do ‘Old Qin – Handmade Equipment’ this quest have 120 cycle and reward you Level 40-49 Equipment Blueprint every 40 cycle you done. You can sell this blueprint or you can craft it first and sell it for higher price

2. Find low level player and do Dark Fall Easy and Hard to fill your Imperial Merit Point, you can check your weekly limit for Imperial Merit Point at ‘C’ > ‘Honor’

You can use your Imperial Merit Point to get some crafting material and sell them

3. If you hit Level 45 you can start farming at Desert Shrine Expert to got crafting material or Gold Equipment in 3 star difficulty

NB : You only can do 3 star if you finish 1 star and 2 star first,and you can read this Revelation Online – Guide for Beginners to help you finish Deserted Shrine Expert

4. Craft and gather material until all your favor and energy gone

5. Create alt character and repeat all steps.

6. Buy the imperial coins from R4PG Internet Game Exchange, the easiest way.

I will update a new tips and guide in this post, so don’t forget to bookmark and check this post again in future!

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